Turn off message preview for Teams notifications

With the extraordinary uptake of Teams in recent months, a lot of users are still finding their way around what they can and can’t do and how to customize their Teams client settings. One thing I’ve seen cause problems (particularly on screen shares during meetings) is the Teams notification message preview.

When sharing a screen through Teams or any other app, there’s always the possibility that something might pop up that not everyone should see. I’m always nervous when I see something like this pop up during a meeting screen share:

Sharing a single app can help to minimize this risk but it’s not always practical. It also doesn’t help when presenting a screen in person. Beginning in October 2020, Microsoft are rolling out the ability to turn off the message preview function to Teams clients. This will be available in the Teams client settings notifications section.

Teams notification settings

This is another great quality of life feature that users will enjoy. It may help prevent some embarrassing pop ups going forward. I’d also recommend looking at the focus-assist settings in Windows 10 to minimize notifications.

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