Transferring Teams Meetings Between Devices

When I’m working from home (which is pretty much all the time right now), my setup involves two laptops. I’ve got one high power laptop, that is essentially used as a Desktop and doesn’t move a lot, and another more lightweight Surface device that I use for email, calls and light work, including eventually returning to the office or customer sites.

One challenge I came across when working with this setup, is joining meetings from one device and then needing unexpectedly to share the screen of my other device. In this situation, mid-sentence, I need to find the meeting, open the meeting and join in order to share that screen.

Since the recent Teams update, now when I’m in this situation, I get the below banner informing me I’m in a meeting on another device and giving me the option to join, nice!

What’s even better, is when you choose to join, you can then decide to join on both devices (usually what I need to do) or to transfer the meeting seamlessly to the new device (Think transferring from a mobile device to laptop when you get back to your desk).

All in all, this is a small quality of life improvement to Microsoft Teams but another key feature that will definitely help make day to day use even easier.

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