Tasks in Microsoft Teams is live!

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced the release of Tasks in Teams. Tasks is essentially an update to the existing Microsoft Planner Teams app that adds a host of cool functionality to Teams. It brings together the regular “To-Do” and Planner contents for the user, and also the Planner tasks for the individual Teams that the user is a member of.

By now, pretty much all tenancies on standard release should have this enabled (it’s still rolling out for some) and it can be accessed using the normal “Planner” app in Teams – This will be renamed to tasks in the near future. When opening the “Planner” app, users will the the below banner at the top of the page letting them know they have been updated to “Tasks”.

No when users look in their app, they will see both their own Plans, To-Do lists and any tasks assigned to them in any Team Plans they are part of!

This makes it really easy to track tasks across multiple Teams and projects, surfacing what’s important for the user and helping to focus and prioritize on the tasks that matter!

It’s important to note that Tasks is not a new Office 365 app, rather a Teams app which pulls together the existing Planner and To-do apps in Office 365.

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