What is Microsoft Lists?

Microsoft Lists is a new app that has recently been released for Microsoft/Office 365 users. Lists allows the creation of “Lists” to track and manage information and share among groups of users. Lists are very similar to regular SharePoint Lists but do not need an entire site or group to create. When opening the Microsoft Lists app, we get a flavor of what it can help us with and can choose from a set of predefined templates. From here, we can also choose to create a blank list, or create a new list from an existing list or Excel file.

If we use one of the predefined templates, we can see our list is prepopulated with the relative columns we would need for an Issue Tracker for example.

We can create the list for ourselves or add it to an existing Group or Team for sharing.

Now we get a handy list created with our appropriate metadata and columns without messing around with views or content types etc.

Overall Lists is a lightweight tool which allows for more flexibility around how we track and action information in Microsoft 365. A great addition to the platform which leverages existing functionality, making it even easier to apply

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