Managing Office 365 Integrated Apps From The Admin Center

For all the cool features of Office 365 and the Office suite, there are always use cases for third party integrations. These apps provide an extension to the Office platform and add some specific functionality that might not be something that Microsoft can, or want to deliver to the entire platform.

These apps are hosted on the AppSource catalog where they can be searched and deployed to users by an admin. Now, this functionality has been given a new home directly on the Admin Center in the Settings section.

Deploy An Integrated App

In this section we will deploy the Outlook “Report Message” add-on from Microsoft. I tend to deploy this for almost all modern Office 365 builds as it allows users to directly report spam and phishing attempts to Microsoft, helping to improve the overall message filtering backend while also cutting down on support tickets by given the power directly to end users.

To deploy our first app, click the “Get apps” option to open the AppSource menu.

From here we can search for the app we want and get ready to deploy by clicking “Get it now”

Now we can configure our deployment scope, for the Report Message Add-On, I’ll deploy to all users by selecting “Entire organization”.

Finally, we verify the permissions we will be giving the app and deploy it when we are happy.

Now with the app deployed, we can return to modify it any time from the integrated apps section.

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