Office 365 Outlook Insider Build – ‘Pin Email’ Feature

On my personal laptop, I run the Office Insider Build so that I can assess new features before they come into production. One of the cool new features that has been released to Beta recently is the ability in Outlook to Pin an email.

If you’re anything like me you can spend hours sifting through emails and trying to add follow up actions so you don’t lose track of multiple tasks that have come in by mail. Personally, having zero unread emails in my inbox stopped being an option for me years ago.

The new Pin email functionality is a life save for me as it essentially “pins” an email to the very top of your inbox. This puts it right in your face until you remove it, forcing you to get back to that demanding co-worker who is just full of questions.

The pin option is available on the ribbon menu and the context menu by right clicking an email and selecting Pin/Unpin.

Once pinned, you’ll see the mail at the top of your inbox in Outlook. This also works for different folders so can match your mailbox structure no matter how granular it is.

More information on this feature and other insider features are available on the Insider website:

5 thoughts on “Office 365 Outlook Insider Build – ‘Pin Email’ Feature

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  2. Lynnette New

    So you’re saying that Pinning emails is not a std feature of the new Office 365? Surely that can’t be right!! I can pin emails when using the version of Outlook on my 4 year old phone, but not on my brand new laptop with the latest version. Talk about technology going backwards!


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