Customize Microsoft Teams Meeting Invitations

Something I find that is missed in a lot of organizations is the branding features available in Microsoft 365. Branding is a really nice feature for users to see when logging into to cloud services, we also tend to not realize the security benefits of having appropriate branding on our sign-in page etc. When we brand correctly, it doesn’t just look nice, it gives users more confidence they are in the right place.

We could even potentially prevent users from getting phished by generic Microsoft 365 login pages as it will look different to their normal branded page. It’s a small thing, but could help prevent an attack when all else fails.

Another piece of branding people tend to miss out on, is branding Teams meeting requests. This helps make our meeting requests look professional, add in legal or support links and also may help protect against malicious requests going to our partners and customers.

Branding is available in the Teams Admin Portal and its really easy to set up. Simply add your logos etc. to the meeting settings page to update your meeting request branding.

You can then preview the change before deploying.

Branding the Teams meeting invites is a small thing and doesnt take a lot of effort to do but can really improve the look of the invites, and also potentially help prevent phishing.

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