Conditional Access for Office 365 Apps Goes GA

Conditional Access is one of the first steps any organization should take when protecting user identities in Azure AD. The flexibility available through Conditional Access policies is fantastic for meeting sign-in requirements and depending on licensing, can even do some proactive mitigation of breaches using risk and sign-in policies.

Office 365 relies heavily on Azure AD to service authentication for users. Conditional Access is often a minimum requirement to allow users to securely access Office 365 services by enforcing protection on the sign-in activity. Previously, it has been hard to manage Conditional Access policies that only target Office 365 apps as the platform constantly expands and when new apps are published, they are not automatically included in our Conditional Access Policies.

Last year, Microsoft made this much easier by including the ‘Office 365’ app in Conditional Access as a preview feature. This meant that the different components of Office 365 no longer had to be included separately.

Previously Applying Blanket Protection to Office 365 Apps Was Cumbersome
With the Office 365 App Available, This is Much Easier

This week marks the official General Availability of the Office 365 app in Conditional Access. There should now be no excuse not to be using this app to provide holistic protection to Office 365 users.

For more information on what the Office 365 app in Conditional Access applies to, see the Official Microsoft Documentation.

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