Project Oakdale Renamed to Microsoft Dataverse for Teams

In a previous post I went though how we can use Project Oakdale to create some pretty flexible apps in Microsoft Teams. The platform which allows for a subset of the CDS functionality to be used inside of Microsoft Teams has just gone GA! With the GA release, we’ve also got a new name.

In line with the renaming of CDS (Common Data Service) to Microsoft Dataverse, we see Project Oakdale (essentially CDS lite) be rebranded as Microsoft Dataverse for Teams. Personally I always though Project Oakdale was a bit of a stupid name… Long live Dataverse.

Cheesy names aside, Dataverse for Teams provides a great set of features that were previously locked behind a full Dataverse (Or CDS) SKU. While it’s not on the level of Dataverse, it’s a fantastic tool for small, team scale low-code solutions.

For more information on the functionality available in Dataverse and Dataverse for Teams, see the launch notes here:

Reshape the future of work with Microsoft Dataverse for Teams—now generally available | Microsoft Power Apps

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