Using Microsoft Teams for Personal Accounts

With the amazing uptake of Microsoft Teams in the corporate space over the past few years, Microsoft has been working hard to define a free, personal version of the collaboration platform. Launching first on mobile devices earlier this year, the home and family version of Microsoft Teams brings the power and learnings made in the enterprise offering, simplifies it a bit and gives personal users a fantastic platform for social communication and collaboration.

Using Microsoft Teams With A Personal Account

The mobile Teams app now fully supports Personal Microsoft account sign-in with switching between personal and work accounts available. This functionality is rolling out this month for the Desktop client also. This means that corporate Teams users will be able to easily switch between personal and work accounts on the same machine. Support for multiple corporate accounts is still on the roadmap but now release date yet.

To sign in to Teams personal, log into with your personal Microsoft account and you’ll get to the personal version of the Teams web client.

From here you can manage meetings via your calendar and chat / meet with other personal account users in a stripped down version of the familiar Teams interface. You can also share and collaborate on OneDrive files within Teams.

Teams for personal use is a very stripped down version of the full experience that comes in the full product but as time goes on, more functionality will be brought across. For now, it is a great way to communicate quickly and efficiently with family and friends through the familiar interface we’ve all grown to love (or hate) over the past few years.

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