SharePoint Look Book: Workplace Transformation Site

A major part of any digital transformation programme, particularly involving Microsoft 365 is ensuring that you have allowed for sufficient communication and business change management. Too often IT departments deploy a solution with the best of intentions but that solution is deployed to meet a technical requirement while not considering that users are being asked to change how they work and adapt to a new tool, process or interface that they are unfamiliar with.

With large scale rollouts of new technologies, helping users to understand and embrace new technologies can be the difference between a technically excellent project succeeding or failing. Luckily, more organizations are becoming aware of this every day, while some still have scars from it (potentially a quite recent one from a rushed Teams rollout).

With Microsoft 365, we can use the technology available to us to accelerate adoption and help users to understand new concepts. I’ve previously been involved in projects where we hosted a “Training Portal” on SharePoint Online to provide documentation, updates and tips and tricks to end users to keep them engaged, this was always a major win for the project as it engaged users and provided them with tools to help them learn at their own pace.

This site can be tailored to the needs of the project but previously needed to be built from the ground up or from a custom site design. This concept has become even easier to implement with the addition of the Workplace Transformation Site available now on the SharePoint Look Book. The template, available here will provision a preconfigured template focused on change management and adoption.

The site itself includes the following content as detailed in the look book:

  • Custom home page using out-of-the-box web parts
  • 11 customizable pages, related to hybrid work, using out-of-the-box web parts
  • Custom illustrations throughout the sites and pages
  • Hybrid work check list in the form of a Microsoft List
  • 2 news templates
  • 4 news articles with example content
  • 4 quick tip guides
  • Custom illustration of “A week in the hybrid workplace”
  • Hybrid workplace tips
  • Pre-populated FAQ section
  • Managers- only page with pre-populated quick tips for managing remote workers
  • Champions page that helps recruit and engage new change champions
  • A message from our CEO page that helps endorse change management projects
  • Provisioning and customization guidance

Top deploy this site, navigate to the look book page and hit “Add to your tenant”.

The SharePoint PNP Provisioning App will request the following application permissions to provision the site, once reviewed, accept the permission request to move on.

Next, provide a URL for the site and add an email to ensure you get a notification when it’s complete.

Finally, confirm the provisioning message and the site will begin to be created.

Once complete, you can get to the site from the URL specified earlier. You can then explore, customize and tailor the site to your specific needs.

Adoption and Change Management aside, the SharePoint Look Book has some really cool templates and ideas to enhance your SharePoint Online sites. It’s a fantastic tool that is completely free and can really help to show some of the great features available in SharePoint Online, even if just as a starting point. You can get more information on sample sites here and can check out the look book yourself at the below link:

SharePoint look book (

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